Work Out To Lil Jon’s New Zumba Song

The King of Crunk returns with a little ditty that is sure to make the ladies sweat.

According to Boston magazine, Lil Jon partnered with celebrity Zumba instructor Gina Grant and will play DJ for the new Zumba Nightclub Series that launched this week in Boston. The crunktastic rapper released a new song “Work” to celebrate the fusion of fitness with nightclub.

“I just went in and wanted to do something different than what Zumba usually has,” he says. “I noticed that nobody had made a song for Zumba that says, ‘Do this; do that.’ So I wanted to kind of even push them a little harder in the workouts: You know like, ‘Alright, roll your waist; and do this and do that.’ I kind of got the vibe from Cha-Cha Slide and Tootsie Roll, some of that stuff. Because everybody loves to do those dances when those songs come on in the club.”

Now go burn off those “Shots” with his track above.