10 Crazy Publicity Stunts Rappers Have Used To Promote New Projects


Knowing how to pull off a publicity stunt is an essential part of being a successful rapper. If you don’t know how to generate buzz for yourself and get people interested in what you’re working on, you probably won’t have a long shelf life in the music industry. Just ask any of the rappers currently working on projects that still have “TBD” listed next to their official release dates. For better or worse, publicity stunts are a big part of the rap game.

Look no further than what Kanye West was able to pull off on Friday night (May 17). He concocted an insane marketing strategy that involved him projecting the music video for his new song, “New Slaves,” on the sides of 66 buildings scattered across the world. And within just a few hours, he had everyone talking about his new album, which he later revealed will be called Yeezus and will drop on June 18. It was arguably the most perfect rap-related publicity stunt of all time.

It obviously wasn’t the first crazy publicity stunt pulled off by a rapper, though. Here are 10 other crazy publicity stunts rappers have used to promote new projects.