10 Rap Crews That Need A Reality Show


The Goodie Mob reunion is really happening. Although there’ve been rumors surrounding the group’s reunion for years, we know it’s real this time because Cee Lo signed on to film a new reality TV show called The Cee Lo Life for TBS. And as part of the deal, he agreed to allow the Atlanta-based network to showcase him and his crew as they record their long-awaited forthcoming album, Age Against the Machine. So Cee Lo, Big Gipp, Khujo, and T-Mo will all be a part of the show.

We like the idea of Goodie Mob doing a reality show, if for no other reason than it proves that they’re actually reuniting. But there are some other rap crews that would be way more entertaining on a reality show. Here, 10 reality TV pitches for rap crews we’d like to see on the small screen.