112’s Michael Keith Asks “Where’s Your Worth”


I was watching one of my favorite tv shows the other night….(Here’s a hint, it starts with the letter S and ends with Scandal) and I witnessed some prolific! The Main character declared to a certain man of power and position that she wasn’t something to be played with and if he truly wanted her, he had to EARN HER! It was at this point when the epiphany hit me so hard it nearly took my head off! “A woman’s love shouldn’t be given freely, it must be earned!”

Here’s a history lesson for you crazy kids to consider that I’m sure your grandparents will be more than happy to educate you further on the subject. Back in their day it was customary…no dare I say religion for a gentleman caller to court a woman in order to win her affection. He would go above and beyond to show her that she was the woman for him. For example flowers, candy, opening doors, and meeting the parents weren’t suggestions they were a requisite!

Now you may be asking yourself “why in the hell would someone go through all that when its so much easier to date a woman nowadays?” But it is exactly that frame of mind that’s the problem.

You see back then most women were of the mindset that in order for a man to get “The Ultimate prize” a man had to EARN her love! More specifically, a man had to really get to know a woman and everything that comes along with her because the objective was a long term investment and not an occasional romp around the bedroom with the possibility of a relationship somewhere down the line….maybe.

The moral of this story is simply this… You have the power to turn this whole relationship fiasco upside down. All you have to do is refuse to accept mediocrity from a man and only give him your heart after he’s proven he’s worthy of such a gift!

Make him EARN it ladies…I’m just saying —Michael Keith (@Michaelkeith112)

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