13 Pregnant Celebrities Expecting Babies in 2013


Lola Monroe and Blac Chyna

2013 is baby bump season.

It feels like every week someone is either having a baby or pregnancy rumors are surfacing. Whether they’ve handled a growing belly gracefully or received the short end of the media stick, we’re elated that these celebs sacrificed their careers (and bodies) in the name of newborn baby cuteness (hi, Monica and Adrienne Bosh!).

Finally we can check a few of our VC’s–Vixen Celebs–off our baby radar (Amber Rose, Lola Monroe) and thank them for gracing the world with another addition to their famous family. Although we still have a slew of celebs that need to catch the reproduction wave (Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good, for starters), for now, we’ll hold off the baby brigade a few more months to shine light on the ones already carrying.

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Photo Credit: Instagram