15 Thoughts On ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack


“My life has got to be like this, it’s got to keep going up. I’ve been in several things, I was in the drug business, then I was in the oil business but I’m not in either one, now you understand?” —Jay Gatsby (Leonardo Di Caprio), from the film The Great Gatsby

Billed as Music from Baz Luhrmann’s Film The Great Gatsby, the new soundtrack to the latest re-imagining of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s celebrated 1925 novel is already stirring up debate online and abroad. Is it a blatant cash grab led by executive producer Jay-Z or has Hov managed to oversee an engrossing release worthy of praise? VIBE presents 15 random thoughts on the music of The Great Gatsby.—Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)