5 Reasons For Kanye West’s ‘June Eighteen’ Tweet


Kanye West’s mysterious two-word tweet sent earlier today (May 2) had Twitter scrambling (kind of) to decipher its meaning, both seriously and humorously. The soon-to-be-daddy typed “June Eighteen” and nothing else. Which could only mean a few things… Check out this list of 5 possible reasons for this countdown-to-takeover date.

1. The birth date of KimYe baby.
Kim and Kanye are used to living their lives in front of the camera (well more Kim than Ye), but June 18 could be the due date of their first child. Make sure to stock their hospital room in advance.

2. Kim and Kanye’s wedding date.
What better time to jump the broom than in this summer month? The couple has been very private of their relationship thus far so June 18 could be the magical day they tie the knot.

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