50 Cent Says G-Unit Was Unappreciative Of Him


Donning a predominantly white SMS audio baseball cap and a fitted black trench coat, hip-hop mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, merely resembles the man that bullied his way into American households in 2003.

50’s Get Rich Or Die Trying days are behind him, as are his former confidants Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and The Game. In a recent interview series with HardknockTV, the 37-year-old entrepreneur delved into several topics, including his relationship with his former G-Unit crew, bullying and a new cartoon series, set to appear on FOX.

The disbandment of G-Unit lasted several years, undergoing numerous allegations, equipped with back-and-forth insults by each of the members. 50 revealed that his actions helped propel G-Unit to a status unreached by popular hip-hop groups D-12 and the St. Lunatics.

“A lot of people here may not know every member of D-12 by name or every member of the St. Lunatics,” he said. “But chances are, they recognize who was a part of G-Unit… I was adamant about positioning them properly because those crews, D-12 and St. Lunatics, had people that spearheaded them like Eminem and Nelly that had so much success, their projects would take two years before they would finish. They would come out and be such a huge success that they’re traveling and touring with so much going on that their crew would be there and they would turn into those guys that are just in the background…I didn’t want that to happen, so I made the G-Unit project at that point and it offered them different things.”

50 also revealed that crafting the group’s music himself did the Unit a disservice in the long run. “[I got ] to the point were I was writing their music. Helping them with their albums….I think that there are certain things you do where you enable people and they feel like you are supposed to do that. This is how we do it versus they appreciate you actually doing it. So I made that mistake also.”

Check out the full interview below.