7 Ways to Wear Box Braids This Summer Found on Pinterest


braids hairstyle that's shaved on sideWe recently became enamored with box braids from our middle school Poetic Justice days and we can’t seem to get enough. Some braids are big, some are small, and some are plain ‘ol regular and we love all of them. In our research for the perfect look, we found  fiercely gorgeous Vixens on Pinterest who found create ways to style their braids. But, before you get your tresses braided, remember these quick do’s and don’ts :

1. Do wear a satin scarf to keep your braids well maintained.

2. Do wash your hair regularly. Treat your braids as you would your natural hair.

3. Do moisturize your scalp. No one likes to see dandruff.

4. Don’t keep them in for too long.


Try wearing your braids shaved on the side

Credit: via Briana Keith