8 Things to Tell Your Man About Shaving Down There


Does his pleasure trail lead to a beard below the belt? Help him tidy up scruff down under this summer with these manscaping rulesJessica Andrews
1. DO use the proper tools.
A 99-cent pack of disposable razors will only aggravate pores. Splurge on an electric trimmer with adjustable settings for length. For hairs on the shaft, swap it out for a tweezer.

2. DO lather up first.
Soften up that man mop with soap and water, conditioner or gel before shaving. Always follow up with an aloe moisturizer to leave skin smoother than a Miguel hook.

3. DON’T be too precise.
You’re not auditioning for a XXX flick—leave the designs and landing strips to Mr. Marcus. The less manufactured your manscaping efforts, the better.

4. DO shave in short, light strokes.
Shearing aggressively in prolonged strokes will result in enough scratches for a Basketball Wives catfight. Avoid applying excess pressure and let the razor do the work.

5. DON’T shave it all.
Unless your name’s Michael Phelps, there’s no need to go nude. Keep it neat, but leave enough to show your testosterone is in tact.

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