A Brief Plea to Katy Perry


Dear Katy Perry:

One of the many reasons I admire you is because you are a truth teller. I’ve never kissed a girl and liked it, but I appreciate that you can say what others won’t. Furthermore, I appreciated your tweet regarding Chief Keef’s song “Hate Being Sober” (“Just heard a new song on the radio called “I hate being sober” I now have serious doubt for the world.”) Not only do I share the same sentiments, but few people speak out against the deteriorating minds of a younger generation, both famous and not famous (cc: Lupe Fiasco).

So why apologize for what you feel? Does your opinion feel wrong unless it’s in the form of a song? Like it or not, your words are watched just as closely as Chief Keef’s, even when they seem unimportant. The rude remarks of a convicted 17-year-old are unsettling but shouldn’t hinder a grown woman’s opinion, especially when he so vulgarly tells you to “suck the skin” off his private parts.

Complimenting someone after they threaten to “smack the shit out of you” makes absolutely no sense. Sure, a good person shouldn’t combat hate with more hate, but if your integrity and strength as a woman is compromised, the line must be drawn. Consult the unapologetic demeanor of your Bajan bestie Rihanna and stand by what you say, even if it seems scary.

A woman without an opinion she can stand up for? That’s the shit I don’t like.

 Photo Credit: Pixfy.com