According to Jozen Cummings: 5 Tips to Digital Dating


In the last, let’s say, five years, our lives have become even more transparent with the addition of online dating, a multi-billion dollar business that redefines what it means to meet a mate. Although pay-to-use sites like eHarmony and are designed to find you a lifetime partner, sites like OkCupid are frequented by a younger crowd looking for something less binding.

Today, the stigma that scouring through online profiles equals a last resort is slowly fading, according to relationship guru and Until I Get Married creator Jozen Cummings.

“There’s plenty of attractive people online that are not resorting to online dating,” the Meet Market matchmaker says, adding, “There are some people who have given up on dating in the traditional sense, or they’ve said to themselves, ‘I wanna meet more people.'”

Contrary to popular belief, we’ve technically (pun intended) been playing the e-flirt game for years. Chances are you met a significant amount of friends, hook-ups or associates through social networks. Whether it’s a retweet, a Facebook chat or flirty Instagram comments, we make personal connections through digital portals every day.

But some date-seekers pile high hopes onto an internet crush as a way to divert heartbreak, something Cummings says will lead to a letdown. “Any girl that thinks online dating is a way to get through all the B.S. you go through in real life, you’re just fooling yourself,” he says.

“If you think guys don’t know how to act in real life, wait until they get online because they really don’t care,” he continues. “They are hiding behind the computer screen and they don’t have to face rejection.”

Despite potential disappointment, e-mingling allows people to interact with others outside of their comfort zone, whether it be online or offline. Unfortunately, the scrubs of the world cannot be buffered out when it comes to the digi-dating scene.

“Online dating allows you to put yourself in a different place in front of different people that have never seen you before,” he says. “If that person approaches you and comes correct online, the chances are that person would do the same thing in real life.”

We know what you’re thinking, this guy must know what he’s talking about, right? Well, click on to see the e-matchmaker’s top five tips for embarking on digital dating adventures and get back to us.