According to Jozen Cummings: 5 Tips to Digital Dating


1. It’s the setting that changes, not the people: “A lot of people want online dating to fix problems that they confronted in real life. When you meet somebody in real life, the way that they present themselves to you on the first couple of dates is not necessarily an accurate depiction of who they are. That’s the same thing online. The package looks a little bit different but you’re still dealing with the same issues. You just have to take a chance.”

2. Look at his pictures: “When you’re looking for people on a site, look at the pictures because you’ve got to be attracted to them. If you’re going to reach out and message them, reach out with something specific and not “I read your profile and it seems interesting.” Don’t just look at their values by religious association or what college they went to. You’re not here for all that. Don’t worry about whether this guy is a guy that you want to date. Worry about whether this guy is a guy that you want to meet.”