According to Jozen Cummings: 5 Tips to Digital Dating


3. Eliminate the competition: “Don’t put up any pictures of you in groups of people. You don’t know if he could be more interested in your girlfriend. Why would you want to add competition? When I’m looking at your pictures and I see your girlfriends, I don’t know you and I’m looking at them, too. Do not have any pictures of you with other guys. I don’t care if it’s your brother. I don’t care if you say that it’s your brother. Put no more than four pictures of you. One picture of just you is better than three pictures of you with other people.”

4. Keep your pictures tasteful: “Keep yourself comfortable and stylish. Don’t look too done-up. Look natural, smile and look at the camera. Just make sure that there’s nothing falling out so that we can focus on what you want us to focus on. If you got a hell of a body and you want us to focus on that, then put that picture online. Get a second opinion when it comes to your pics. Don’t always put up the nightclub pictures of you in the club or at the bar. I know how you look at the club. I know that you look great. A picture during the day does more for you than a picture at night.”

5. Take charge: “Do not be afraid to be more forward when you’re online. If you find yourself getting discouraged about online dating, it’s probably because you’re not doing enough. Don’t be afraid to reach out.”