Adrienne Bailon Discusses Her New ‘Fetish’


Adrienne from the block is back.

The multifaceted entertainer is ready to hit the music world with new sounds and beauty ventures to back up her brand. The Empire Girl recently spoke on the notion that women can be content when they have it all, sprinkling in her admiration of Beyoncé as proof. “She has an incredible husband and a strong marriage. She’s very successful and has a baby and family: that’s having it all,” she tells Vixen.

On the path to acquiring all her heart desires, Adrienne solidified a beverage deal with Hypnotic and launched Fingertip Fetish, a nail polish line. The collection, affectionately titled Made in NYC, serves as an ode to Adrienne’s stomping grounds, with colors such as Trendy SoHo, a hot pink hue, and Brook-BK We Go Hard, a bold black. “I’ve always had this fascination with hands and nails,” she says of her obsession. “When I first meet a woman, that’s what I notice–how she uses her hands and if her nails are well kept.”

See what kind of flavor Adrienne plans to bring to her forthcoming album at VIBE Vixen.