Adrienne Bailon’s Ex-Publicist Accuses Her of Leaking Nude Photos


The nude photo leak is every celebrity’s worse nightmare, unless they consider it a career move. According to Adrienne Bailon’s ex-publicist Jonathan Jaxson, her 2008 skin baring flicks were all part of a master plan. In his upcoming tell-all Don’t You Know Who I Am Yet?, the writer claims Bailon would do anything to be a top socialite, include leaking her own photos.

“She was a very sweet girl that desperately wanted out of the kid-focused Disney star-making machine. So we had concocted a plan where we would act like her laptop was stolen at the airport in New York and she was concerned because there were nude photos on there,” he writes.

Once the photos became public, Adrienne was released from her Disney contract and nixed from the Thanksgiving Day Parade with her Cheetah Girls co-stars. According to Jaxson, most Hollywood stars will go along with similar “publicity stunts” in order to create a more adult image.

Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN