Are Drunk Words Really Sober Thoughts?


As a strong-headed Leo, I rarely need liquid courage. However, being a turn-up enthusiast has given me my fair share of “Marvin’s Room” moments.

There have been pros and cons to my Drizzy state. On the one hand, conquering the dance floor and getting white girl wasted with my nearest and dearest has made for many-a forgettable night.

The down-side? Getting the Asian flush and often slurring my secret thoughts out loud when they probably would have been better been left exposed by my inside voice. From witnesses who have seen me in my inebriated state, I have said some really ridiculous things I didn’t mean.

I once told an ex-boyfriend on the spot that I didn’t want to be with him anymore several Patrón shots in. And although that wasn’t true at the time, we ended up splitting ways.

I will confess that adult juice gives me female balls to let a guy know when I’m digging him, which supports the old adage “drunk words are sober thoughts.” But I think it depends on the context of the drunken individual. When I had told that former lover that I wanted a break, it was reportedly after him giving me Law & Order: SVU-style interrogation, which triggered my hostile state.

I think alch just encourages more honest dialogue, but it doesn’t always equate to the truth.

When I’m on tilt, I will praise Pat Ron. But those who know me can attest that I believe he is the devil.

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