Are We Too Obsessed With Success?


Nobody said the road to success would be easy, but damn it, why does it have to be so hard? Or better yet, why do we have to be so hard on ourselves? You’re doing everything according to plan yet you can’t help but to angrily tally up all of the things you could and should be doing, right?

There you have it, we’ve become our worst enemy and toughest critic.

We’re continuously kicking ourselves in our own butts thanks to social media, where we pry into lives that aren’t ours and subconsciously make everyone our competition. And one time for the Rihannas and Beyoncés of the world who’ve made us obsessed with the idea of instant success and having it all.

It’s setting those over-arching expectations of ourselves that challenges us to jump up for things that timing may not correspond with. As soon as we accomplish one achievement, we get the itch to tackle the next big thing. Granted, the fight to the top is never at a standstill, but on our journey, we must refrain from feeling so overwhelmed by the climb that we never truly stop to appreciate the ride.

At some point, we just have to just chill the hell out and balance contentment with our self-drive. Shift gears into neutral every once in awhile. In essence, our stories are being written. Why do we rush them? When will we appreciate every opportunity and each step accounted towards our bar for success?


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