Are You Strong Enough For ‘The G Train’ Workout?

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Last month, the collective known as “The Riders Alliance” announced that they would be lobbying New York City’s MTA to invest the extra $40 million of fat in their budget to enhance life for those on the G train.

If you’re not a New Yorker than this probably won’t apply to you. For all those who do live in Gotham, you’ve already complained loudly and in public about the notorious G train. Frequently called “the worst train in the city,” the struggle line has made friends late for important meetings, caused iWhatevers to fall into murky, rat infested waters and even, apparently, has the ability to ruin relationships.

The Riders Alliance has created a new survey which gives evidence as to why 83 percent of more than 300 people try to avoid even riding the maligned single train line. Of those individuals, a healthy 48 percent choose to walk to another train or bus to avoid the G, and 46 percent have just said, “Fvck it,” and walked to their final destination. Forty percent of riders say they usually know where the train will stop on the platform, but for that 60 percent that doesn’t, they have to engage in the “G Train Workout.”

Hilariously, The Riders Alliance has created this video to emphasize just how insane the G can be:

With a quarter of riders in support of the idea of free transfers to other lines, the grassroots organization founded by John Raskin has plenty of support and a cause that many are itching to get behind. And that $40 million dollars of excess monies can be used to restore service in Bay Ridge, extending the amount of cars on the G and improving the all-around mundane conditions of one of New York City’s worst lines.

Props: Village Voice