ASAP Rocky Blames “Sensitivity” for Lipstick Comment Controversy


In another episode of “too little, too late,” New York rapper A$AP Rocky attempts to defend his belief that women have to be fair-skinned to get away with rocking red lipstick. During a recent interview with a popular D.C. radio station WKYS, the “Fashion Killer” MC compares the backlash to Rick Ross’ Reebok controversy, claiming that black women are “sensitive” to criticism about their looks.

“It’s like they damn near wanna Rick Ross boycott me right now, over some lipstick controversy,” he told the on-air host. “Black girls, you know how sensitive they are, but they our sisters man. It is what is man. I come from a black home, so I know how sensitive black women can be. Especially when you talking about they looks or something like that.

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