Wild Beaver Attack Kills Elderly Fisherman


According to reports, an elderly fisherman was killed after he was attacked by a wild beaver in the European country of Belarus.

The 60-year old man was attempting to have his picture taken while holding the creature with a group of friends. That’s when the beaver bit him several times and sliced an artery in his leg.

“The character of the wound was totally shocking for us medical professionals,” recalled village doctor Leonty Sulim. “We had never run into anything like this before.”

Beavers has been known to attack humans in the area when they get too close, but this tragic death has been a shocker to the whole community. The man was said to have been driving along Shestakovskoye lake when he spotted the animal along the shore. They pulled over so he could pick up the beaver, but he was viciously attacked and bled to death from his wounded artery.

He was pronounced dead when he arrived at a local clinic.