Beyoncé Pens Letter to Antwerp Fans, Cashes Out For Chicken


Beyoncé is running amuck in the rumor mill.

First order of business: the “Grown Woman” singer penned yet another love note to her fans after cancelling her recent gig in Belgium.

“I’ve never postponed a show in my life. It was very hard for me,” Mrs. Carter wrote on her Facebook page. “I’m feeling much better and I’m ready to give you a great show. See you tonight.”

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Though she cited “exhaustion and dehydration” for her no show and was put on bed rest by doctors, Bey reportedly racked up a hefty at Nando’s chicken in Dublin, as seen in a receipt obtained by the Daily Mail.

The food ticket does nothing to simmer down rumors that the singer is pregnant with baby no. 2. though the singer’s closest tell Us Weekly it’s “silly” for her to be preggo again.

“I know another kid is in the future, but it wouldn’t make sense for her right now while on tour,” said one of the insiders.

While spending 875 pounds (roughly $1,000 in American currency) on chicken is nothing to one-half of music’s first billionaire couple, it could possibly mean Bey is eating for two.