Beyoncé’s Uncle Larry: “She Didn’t Want to Be Famous”


Beyoncé’s camp forgot to tell Uncle Larry to answer all questions with “no comment.”

In a recent interview with Celeb Buzz, Larry Beyince claims that Mrs. Carter only put a ring on it because “she got tired of being alone.” He was surprised the singer married famous hubby, Jay-Z.

“She wasn’t too particularly fond of him,” he says.

He may be confused as to how the royal couple connected, but he admits he has no problem with Mr. Carter “as long as he treats her well and makes her happy. That’s all I ever wanted. He’s okay with me.”

One person who isn’t okay with him is B’s father Matthew Knowles.

“I wasn’t surprised she fired him [as her manager]. I’m glad, actually,” he says regarding the “Grown Woman” singer ditching her pops as her manager. “She didn’t want to be famous. She was forced into singing.”

He describes the face of H&M’s summer collection’s dad similar to the controlling attributes of Joe Jackson. “Everything was geared  toward being famous. She used to get angry at [her father] a lot for taking away her childhood. That affected her.”

He seems to know everything — except what the rest of us still don’t know: the status of Blue Ivy’s sibling.

“I have no idea,” he says. “I haven’t heard nothing, except that she’s on tour.”

There will always be that one person in your family to spill the beans, and for Beyoncé, it’s her Uncle Larry.

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