Blue Ivy Carter: Pregnancy Rumors Can Have A Seat


Mommy may run the world and daddy may be on the throne but Blue Ivy Carter is commanding the spotlight just like her parents taught her.

Beyoncé took to her Tumblr page to reveal a photo of her daughter sitting on her personalized tour chair with her initials emblazoned on the back. While B.I.C. is about face, flaunting a tutu, pink shirt and unruly hair, it seems the Carter family princess is turning her back to rumors that momma is pregnant.

While E! News reported that multiple sources confirmed that the “Grown Woman” singer is carrying her second seed, Hov reportedly e-mailed Hot 97’s program director Ebro Darden to shut the gossip down.

“It’s not true,” Jay said. “The news is worse than blogs.”

The possibility of another addition to the Carter brood can’t be that terrible especially if Bey has expressed wanting more of her own. She recently told ABC’s Good Morning America, “I think my daughter need some company.”

From the looks of this photo, Blue is doing fine all by herself.