Is Another Baby In Britney’s Future?


Britney Spears is wishing for another baby—a girl—in her future.

According to US Weekly, X-Factor host Mario Lopez spoke on how he envies that she has boys—having only a girl of his own—and the 31-year-old superstar explained that she’s ready for a pop-princess protégé herself.

“Oh, you do want a girl! So later on, maybe a little girl?” Lopez teased, before Britney eagerly responded, “Yes!”

“Later on” sounds about right. The Grammy award-winning entertainer is too busy working on her ninth studio album—along with her new headlining Vegas gig—to be having any babies any time soon.

“I’m excited,” she said about the show. “I love Vegas. Any time I get to go there, so I’m excited, I’m pumped. I haven’t done a show in a really long time, so it’ll be fun.”

When the time does come for Britney to have a mini-me, we’re sure she’ll be just as fly and fabulous as Britney…bitch.