Brooklyn MC Joell Ortiz Makes Debut In Web Comedy, ‘East WillyB’

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The SlaughterHouse MC joins this critically-acclaimed cast to make his acting debut in this latest episode of East WillyB.

Since 2011, actor Flaco Navaja and his show East WillyB has been entertaining web-heads and has garnered love from NPR to us here at VIBE. The original comedy series which explores the shenanigans of Brooklyn Sports Bar owner, Willie Jr., and his clique, chronicles the daily hassles of “living in an ever changing Brooklyn.”

Brooklyn-born rapper Joell Ortiz joins the cast and makes his acting debut on the show alongside his fellow Kings County brethren, Rick Gonzalez (Old School). The fourth episode arc on the series finds Willie Jr. (played by Flaco Navaja) desperately trying to keep his local bar in business and win back his childhood sweetheart.

Watch what happens when the Prodigal Son Returns below:

Creators Julia Ahumada Grob and Yamin Segal are successfully focusing this content at a growing niche that is becoming identified by the masses. Armed with an unique voice and great comedic timing, East WillyB is a promising young show from a dynamic cast and crew. Our question for you is: What did you think of Joell Ortiz’s performance?

Props: New York Daily News