Burger King McRib: Can BK Beat McDonald’s?


Are you ready for a Burger King McRib?

Burger King will roll out a McRib-style product this summer, and the Burger King McRib is a direct shot at one of rival McDonald’s signature products. The Bk Rib Sandwich will be limited time only, just like the McRib, and is boneless. It will be available starting May 21.

Staying with the barbecue theme, the Burger King McRib will be joined by the return of the Memphis Pulled Pork sandwich, plus sweet potato fries and Carolina-style BBQ sandwiches. It’s a calculated move by Burger King to take on the McRib, which has reigned supreme for 30+ years and has a cult following across the country.

The BK Rib sandwich will retail for $3.49 – are you going to give it a try?