Cazzette’s ‘Beam Me Up’ Gets Progressive: Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado ‘Beam Me Up’ Remix Premiere


Cazzette has had massive success with remixes of their behemoth dance anthem, ‘Beam Me Up’, dropping web-wide. And today, VIBE has another. The Swedish dub-house duo have been spliced and diced like aural onions, proving electronic producers love the stink emanating from Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furre. ‘Beam Me Up’s re-edit from remix stalwarts Ivan Gomez and Nacho Chapado is a stepped-back homage to proper house music. Don’t wait for big drops or you’ll end up with sonic blue balls; simply bask in the melodious, supremely danceable version… now…

If you don’t own the original, cop it now on iTunes.

Quickie Cazzette Flashback: