Poop In Public Pools Is Common, CDC Says


Officials at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention came across a lot of crap in their latest study.

A new report says that poop in public pools is common after researchers found genetic material from E. coli — bacteria normally found in the human gut and feces — in 58 percent of pools in the Atlantic area.

“Swimmers frequently introduced fecal material into pools,” the report said, adding that the icky bacteria comes from pool users not showering before diving in and incidents of defecation.

The CDC also found genetic material from bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which can cause skin rashes and ear infections, in 59 percent of pools. Researchers said the bacteria may originate from the environment or swimmers.

While the study included 161 pools around ATL, officials noted their findings may not apply to all pools, but feel there’s little reason to think that contamination or swimmer hygiene practices differ between pools in the study and others throughout the country.

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