Chief Keef 110 MPH Arrest Excuse: ‘I’m A Rapper’ And I’ve Got 8 Grand


Chief Keef is in the news more for his blotter sheet than his music these days, and his 100 MPH arrest earlier this week is just the latest example.

But TMZ reports that Chief Keef tried to explain his high speed by saying, “I just got back from doing a show in Iowa, I’m a rapper.”

That’s hardly an excuse for Chief Keef’s 110 MPH joyride, but it’s the police search that confirms he is definitely a rapper. Cops found $8,000 in cash in Keef’s pocket, rolled into a tight wad. That’s big baller status.

Chief Keef’s 110 MPH folly means the rapper will have to appear in court June 17. And to add insult to injury, the teenage star will have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, since he is a minor. That’s not big baller status.