Chief Keef: Teen Rapper Already Paying For Child Support


Chief Keef may be cashing out at 17 for his hip-hop lifestyle but the new Bricksquad recruit is about to make it rain for child support.

After being sued by his baby momma (he allegedly knocked her up when he was 15) earlier this year, the “Darker” rapper, real name Keith Cozart, now has to cough up $2,600 in child support out of the reported $13K he makes a month, according to TMZ. Add in the $500 in day care and $10,400 in unpaid support for a total sum he probably don’t like.

The baby momma drama came after the MC was sentenced to 60 days in juvenile detention for a parole violation on top of another suit for being a no-show at a London concert in December. Keef was also under investigation for his alleged involvement in the death of fellow Chi-town rapper JoJo.

A judge has scheduled a hearing next month to finalize that amount. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.