Chris Brown Featuring Aaliyah Vocals On New Single


Chris Brown’s new album X will feature a guest spot from none other than Aaliyah.

The late singer’s vocals will be included on “I Don’t Know,” according to Brown filmed a video for the song in Compton, CA this week, and revealed the identify of collaborator X.

“I’ll reveal it now! I just actually shot a video and the song is dedicated to all my fans. Its called, “They Don’t Know” and the song features Aaliyah! Never heard before vocals, all new stuff that has never been heard before, its something special for all my fans. I shot it in the hood, I wanted to bring both worlds together in the video and try to uplift the positive side of the community. I mean I come from Virginia, but everyone come from a broken home or broke, I remember when I was!”

Breezy’s new album is set to release this summer.

Video via RealTalkNY

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