Chris Brown Reportedly ‘Fully Cooperative’ With Hit-And-Run Investigation


Officials were trying to see if Chris Brown could hit-and-run it like 2005 but according to an insider from his camp, the singer is handling the investigation like a man despite conflicting reports.

After experiencing a minor fender-bender in Los Angeles last week, the LAPD was allegedly claiming that Breezy may have violated his probation for fleeing the scene of the crime after rear-ending a Mercedes Benz. He was reportedly giving attitude to the female driver behind the wheel and withholding information such as his driver’s license and insurance information from authorities. However, an insider vouched for Brown.

“Chris was fully cooperative. He pulled over at the scene and gave the woman his correct insurance details,” the source told The Mirror. “He has tried to contact the driver to confirm the right information following the allegations. Unfortunately, it would seem she has gone off the radar and isn’t responding to his attempts to resolve the situation.”

TMZ reports that the singer gave the woman all the correct info and when his lawyer attempted to reach out shortly after the accident, she gave him the dial tone. All follow-up calls to Brown’s lawyer have gone unanswered.