Chris Brown Monster Art Freaks Out Neighbors, Singer Has 30 Days to Remove It


Homes in the Hollywood Hills where Chris Brown lives are not cheap, and the singer’s neighbors are fuming at his scary outdoor monster art. Some are going as far as saying it scares the local children.

Brown’s modern Jay Vanos-designed home is adorned with three bright-colored goblin-like creatures that are over six-feet tall. The murals adorn the retention wall next to his garage and his neighbors want them gone, according to a story in the Los Angeles Times.

“There are lots of babies, lots of children, and they’re literally frightened,” Patti Negri, president of the Hollywood Dell Civic Assn, told the paper. “It’s like devils on the wall — big scary eyes and big scary teeth, and just the whole vibe is not what we’re used to.”

The neighbors were victorious. While L.A. is considered one of the most decked out street graffiti spots in the world, it’s become illegal to create murals on private property. (Go figure!) L.A. officials cited Brown for unpermitted and excessive signage. He has 30 days to remove the art, and if he does not do so, he can be fined.

Not surprisingly, Brown isn’t too perturbed by the neighborhood backlash. His attorney, Mark Geragos, says that Brown is the victim and thinks his neighbors have “reached the heights of ridiculousness here.”

“They are trying to suspend the 1st Amendment,” said Geragos. While Breezy might not be able to keep his mural, at least he’ll always have his third studio album, aptly titled Graffiti.