Chris Brown’s Neighbors Defend House Murals: ‘They’re Works Of Art’


While Chris Brown may be disturbing the peace in Hollywood Hills with his household mural art, some neighbors have defended the music artist.

Melissa Harrington and her six-year-old twins co-sign Brown’s creative exterior decorating. “They’re pretty excited about it,” she said about her kids to the LA Times, adding, “My kids think they’re really cool.”

She even calls the murals “colorful” and “cute,” and praised his wheels too. “Look at the paint job on his cars. They’re works of art,” she said. “What style of art are you going to paint on a modern home like that?”

Vincent Bouvier, another next-door neighbor of Breezy’s, doesn’t see anything wrong with the murals. “It is just an expression of art,” he said. “So I mean he has very beautiful cars and it’s a beautiful house, so you like it or not. It’s not a big deal.”

While some may admire the homemade arts and crafts, L.A. officials have cited Brown and given him 30 days to remove the murals.