Chris Tucker Begins To Tackle $12M Tax Debt

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The 41-year-old comedic actor has begun to tackle the 12 million dollar debt he owes to America’s Internal Revenue Service and the state of Georgia.

Daaaaamnnn! Chris Tucker, star of the Rush Hour and Friday franchises, has reportedly been staving off paying the government their just due wages. With fellow celebrities like Lauryn Hill and Wesley Snipes doing what they can to pay back Uncle Sam, Tucker has reportedly began to pay off his whopping tax debt one million dollars at a time.

The Silver Lining Playbook star, who recently sold off his Los Angeles mansion, used the funds to pay off a cool millie to reduce his debt. Finally getting serious about paying off his enormous debt, which is set to the tune of $12 million, the Rush Hour star also owes the state of Georgia $590,000 from 2007.

Celebrity Net Worth claims that Chris’ actual net worth is now in the negative, due to his tax situation, which is interesting since Tucker used to be highest paid actor in the world during his Rush Hour run. The troubles are piling up in Tucker’s life as his $6 million dollar, 10,000 square foot mansion has been foreclosed upon.

All in all, Chris Tucker has dropped $985,028,98 to chip away at those pesky tax bills. Our hope is that Chris finally takes up Ice Cube’s offer to appear in the next (and final) installment of >Friday. He could use the paycheck.

Props: TMZ