Chrissy Teigen: Model Behavior


VV: On Twitter, you would never guess that you had self-esteem issues. I feel like you just say whatever the heck you want.
In the beginning, I didn’t understand why I could say things and get crap for them. I knew there were people watching, but there is a way to say things and make it funny, not a malicious attack. I‘ve kind of learned and grown in that way but I’m still insecure and I still read terrible things. You kind of become desensitized to it.

Let’s talk about your Top Chef skills. Why did you start a foodie blog?
I always wanted to go to culinary school but it was never in the cards for me. Modeling is such a short window of time, and I’ve been lucky enough that the blog took off. Some people from the Food Network were leaving comments on it and that’s when I knew it could really be something.

What’s your earliest cooking memory?
I remember actually having food competition shows with my friend Bonnie, and I would look in the refrigerator and be like, “Okay you have one minute to use anything in this refrigerator to create a wonderful dish.” And this is before Top Chef, but I remember more than anything my mom’s scallop potatoes and helping her roast potatoes, the ham and the bacon. I can smell it every time.