Chrissy Teigen: Model Behavior


Chrissy TeigenYou’re hosting a show called Model Employee, which recently aired. What can people expect?
The reason why I would watch is because you’re putting eight gorgeous in a house, sifting through trash and recycling, for this Mandalay Bay spokesmodel role that they lose all concept of the cameras and it just becomes amazing.

Now what’s amazing about your upcoming swimwear line?
It’s kind of lingerie but swimwear. This year, I collaborated with Beach Bunny doing their beach bridal line. I got to come into the offices, sift through fabrics, see their designs and make changes. It’s all the elements I’m looking for in a dress — very natural and soft and feminine. 

Speaking of bridal, what’s the update on the wedding?
This sounds like the typical answer but I’m not kidding–we know no details. We know we’re gonna get married. There’s no real rush. My mom has her dress already. My bridesmaids are freaking out. [John and I] aren’t too worried about it for some reason. [Laughs]

What’s your advice to women who are extremely successful that want to find love but don’t have the time for it?
You gotta make time for yourself and get out there. That’s the hard part about dating alone. You could have everything but it’s hard to find that perfect guy. I guess I just got lucky.