Cleveland Cavaliers Win 2013 NBA Draft Lottery


Talk about lucky. The Cleveland Cavaliers will pick first overall in the 2013 NBA Draft for the second time in three years, after once again winning the NBA Draft lottery.

This is also the third time the Cavs will pick no. 1 overall in the last decade – the first pick brought them LeBron James in 2003, while they picked up burgeoning star Kyrie Irving in 2011. James left in spectacular fashion, but Irving has become one of the top guards in the league in his two seasons. Of course, the team has struggled in the last few years, which has led to their high draft picks.

The Cavs’ representative at the lottery was owner Dan Gilbert’s son Nick, who was also present when the team won in 2011.

After adding Dion Waiters as the no. 4 pick in last years draft, the Cavs will be able to pick from a talented group of potential top picks. Kentucy’s Nerlens Noel and Kanas star Ben McLemore are the likely contenders for the top spot, although the Cavs could go another way and select Georgetown star Otto Porter or Indiana’s breakout player Victor Oladipo.

Picking second will be the Orlando Magic, followed by the Washington Wizards. Both had shots at the top pick, but lost out to Cleveland.

If karma exists, it has certainly shined on Cleveland’s basketball team the last few years. Maybe wins will start to follow now.