CNN Partners With BuzzFeed On YouTube Channel

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BuzzFeed and CNN are looking to take over YouTube with their new channel devised to be all-viral, all the time. Will you tune into the contagion?

The popular viral content site and America’s favorite place for breaking news have partnered to create a brand new YouTube channel that will see the former repurpose the latter’s content in a more viral fashion. According to The Wall Street Journal, the content will be specifically designed to be shared via social media (see: Twitter, Facebook, Mobli, etc.) — something the guys at BuzzFeed know quite a bit about.

CNN BuzzFeed, launched today (5/28), and promises to create three new videos a week. This content will sit alongside other videos from CNN. The partnership is another hit for BuzzFeed, who has already been producing original videos for their multiple YouTube channels, as they push to create content focusing on serious news issues.

“There has been a massive cultural shift in how people—particularly young people—consume news and entertainment and Ze [Frank] and his team are tapping into the next generation of video production and consumption,” BuzzFeed president and COO Jon Steinberg said. For fans of ad-free content, the CNN BuzzFeed model will not contain any advertisements or advertorials at the start, but eventually that will change.

“The more agile way to do it is to launch without letting advertising products dictate editorial content,” Steinberg said. “BuzzFeed and CNN will figure out ways to do various ad formats and sponsored content down the road.” The BuzzFeed brand comes away the true winner in this regards, as the new partnership means more expansion. The company already plans to hire 30 more employees to work in a new L.A. studio this week.

To get a taste at what CNN BuzzFeed is cooking up, here’s the first video on the channel, which is a mash-up of famous rescue moments originally broadcast on CNN.

Props: WSJ