Is Colin Trevorrow’s ‘Jurassic Park 4′ On Hold?

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Are things as bleak as one might think after reading such a headline?

Colin Trevorrow’s recently-announced Jurassic Park 4 might have just experienced quite a setback. Ain’t It Cool News (via SlashFilm) noted that two employees of the prehistoric picture have revealed problems surrounding the production on Twitter. Initially, a Jurassic Park 4 concept artist tweeted “JP4 On Hold,” while another member of the production team flatly wrote out: “Hollywood creates and crushes dreams. Goodbye JP4.”

You can see the original screen grabs by clicking here.

The potentially depressing news comes just days after the director confirmed that the film would be returning to Isla Nubar, the island in the original film. A “reliable source” close to Jurassic Park 4 claims that the project is still in production, but has been put on a temporary hiatus while some restructuring goes on behind the scenes. Our guess is that “restructuring” seems to involve countless lay-offs to the team but we hope that Trevorrow is still in the director’s chair to helm the dynamic dino-picture.

Props: SlashFilm