Cops Surround Diddy’s Car?


Talk about bad boys for life. Diddy’s posse was recently held up at gunpoint, TMZ reports.

Apparently Diddy stopped by Soho House, a private club in Hollywood while his body guard and crew drove his Maybach away from the club.

One 911 call with claims of gun possession in the $500,000 car led to nine squad cars pulling up to the scene. Cops cocked their guns and made the occupants of the car lie on the ground before discovering that there actually weren’t any guns in sight.

Meanwhile Diddy took to his Twitter to fool fans with claims that he would be starring in ‘Downton Abbey.’

“MY BIG NEWS: So happy to announce that I’m a series regular on DOWNTON ABBEY—my favorite show + i’ll be debuting a sneak peek tonight 12am PST!” He tweeted.

Well, not quite. It turned out to be a big joke and the 43-year-old was a part of a hilarious Funny or Die skit.

At least he could laugh in the midst of a bad situation.

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