Danity Kane Reunion: Danity Kane Working On Comeback?


What’s a Bad Boy to a girl group?

After Dawn Richards and Aubrey O’Day were spotted buddied up on Instagram, Danity Kane reunion rumors swirled the web to the delight of Making The Band enthusiasts.

Now, it looks as if that comeback may be a reality as four of the band’s members, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, Richard and O’Day were reportedly lunching with a new manager in Los Angeles.

When hounded by gossip outlet TMZ if they would be working with DK founder Diddy, O’Day playfully answered, “Who’s that?”

In 2005, Puff plucked the girls to create Danity Kane on MTV’s Making The Band 3 only to let go of the group four years later, with the exception of Richards who joined his Dirty Money collective.

No word on where fifth member Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgett stands on the reunion though she told Hollyscoop, “There was a lot of outstanding issues and obviously that was the only way it could be resolved. And I know that I did my very best in the situation.

She continued, “I added to the group in the way that, I knew how to be a group member. I provided us with choreographers, with management, song writing, and everything that I could. But if your services are not being appreciated you gotta take it elsewhere.”