Danny Brown Talks Biggest Fashion Influence, Being Ahead Of The Trends


Despite already drawing eyeballs for his alleged oral-sex side show, Danny Brown put his eccentric threads on display for Esquire.

The Fool’s Gold rapper played dress up in tailored suits and polka dot trousers a la one of his favorite designers Mark McNairy and discussed how his half-Filipino pops buying him a pair of Timberlands dictated his sartorial individuality.

Esquire.com: You’ve got a very unique style that it seems like people either love or hate. Where’s that come from?

Danny Brown: “In terms of fashion I think the biggest influence that I had was my father. My pops, he was really into men’s fashion and read all of the magazines. He was half Filipino — my grandma’s Filipino — so he grew up in a different household than the normal guy in the hood, but he was in the hood every day. So he just had a different outlook on shit. He listened to house music and a lot of shit. He had me when he was 16 so he was still young, so he was still up on the same shit I was up on when I was in middle school. He bought me my first Wu-Tang CD.

With the fashion, it went hand in hand. I had Timberlands in the sixth grade. Every other kid had steel-toed boots like Jodeci, and I wanted those boots but he bought me these plain-ass brown boring Timberlands. But nobody knew what Timberlands were so all of these other kids would crack on me. By eighth grade, everyone in school had Timberlands, so from that point on the school looked at me like I was the total cool guy. And it went like that kind of my whole life. Being on the cutting edge of a trend — knowing it’s about to happen and doing it before it happens.”

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Photo Credit: Mark McNairy SS13 Look Book