Dear Celebs, Did You Miss the ‘Punk Rock’ MET Gala Memo?


Oh, the MET Gala.

To many, this annual avant-garde extravaganza is so grand that it’s considered the official Fashion Olympics (or Fashion Oscars) of the world. New York City pulses while industry greats gather at the Metropolitan Museum to showcase their above-and-beyond style, all in the name of art.

Fashion’s most accredited dictator Anna Wintour collaborates with fellow fashion institutes to provide a meeting time, motif and exhibit for the world to bask in (even if you don’t want to). This year, Wintour deemed “Punk Fashion: Chaos to Couture” as this year’s criteria. But at the end of the night, after keeping my eyes glued to’s live stream of the event, I was left with one lingering question: What in the punk rock hell happened?

While fashion is most certainly no follow-the-rules type of hype, Monday night’s sartorial cues leaned more towards chaos rather than punk. With a few arguable exceptions–Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pharrell (for God sakes, the hip–hop genius arrived in Johnny Depp-inspired eyeliner!)–everyone arrived on their #phuckyopunkrock theme swag. While you’re aggressively encouraged to push the limit with your fashion choices, you’re also supposed to actually put to the test of your creativity.

Beyoncé, one of entertainment’s most sought after fashion muse, arrived in a belted Givenchy creation that strayed as far away from the theme as Naomi Campbell’s edges. Zero points. La La arrived draped in a Zac Posen satin gown fit for a dinner in Beverly Hills. Zero points for you too. Nicki Minaj? The Queen Barb notorious for her audacious fashion ensembles? Yeah, she arrived in a muted midnight blue Tommy Hilfiger cut-out gown. Yes, Tommy Hilfiger for a punk rock-themed event. Negative 3 points. And the most ghastly of the evening (so sorry) had to be Kim Kardashian. Honestly, there are no words. We commend the mommy-to-be for strutting the red carpet at all (I mean, at least she was invited this year, right?). But honestly, how dare she arrive in that floral get-up? Grandma’s couch, anyone?

It was all a fashion mess until I spotted dead-on divas like Madonna and Anne Hathaway, who simply slayed the night.

To say the least, this year’s gala was an interesting one, but maybe a more feasible theme next year, Anna? As much as we’d like to care about the exhibit, we truly care about the red carpet arrivals 100 times more (just admit it). And if no one adheres to the theme, where’s the fun? Better yet, where’s the event? — Diarrha Ndiaye