DJ Jazzy Jeff and Z-Trip Talk Hip-Hop and Dance Music Crossover


“It was only a certain matter of time before electronic music and hip-hop came together, because, really, they share so much of the same properties,” says Z-Trip of the hip-hop and dance music crossover in music.

VIBE caught up with Z-Trip and DJ Jazzy Jeff when they were in Los Angeles for the Red Bull Thre3Style national competition and dance party. The winner — Trentino — will go on to battle in the world finals being held November 4 to 10, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Z-Trip, fresh from the lab where he worked on LL Cool J’s latest Authentic, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, one of the pioneers of hip-hop turntablism shed light on how these two genres come together.

“I’ve never wanted to be considered a hip-hop DJ or this certain type of DJ,” says DJ Jazzy Jeff. “I’ll play any kind of record as long it makes people move.”

Adds Z-Trip, “I’m just happy it’s finally come around ’cause for the longest time each genre didn’t communicate with each other, and now all the walls are broken down.”