5 Hip-Hop Clothing Brands Drake Should Bring Back


Could Drake’s sartorial choices get any more obscure? It’s apparently more money, more wardrobe problems for Mr. OVO. While his sweater motif enjoyed a charming 15 minutes, the above throwback (as in, ’90s) black-and-yellow Dada Supreme short suit–seen in stills for his “No New Friends” music video–sent Twitter over the edge.

To top it off, the striped monochrome calf socks and Timberland boots only add to the time warp. Meme users are already having a field day with this one, but don’t be surprised if you suddenly get the urge to shake those denim cut-offs out of your closet and rock vintage baseball jersey shirts come summer. This guy starts trends. Here, we zero-in on 5 other hip-hop fashion brands Drake could easily resurrect.