Exclusive: AbdeCaf Drops A$AP Mob Collabo


AbdeCaf is the EDM star-on-the-rise, whom, after unleashing some impressive sets at many notable festivals last year and an Internet buzzed EP ‘Rebuild,’ he’s back to work with a slew of projects on the horizon. You can also look out for him on the silver screen, as he filmed a cameo in the upcoming documentary, “The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion”. One of those projects includes a once top secret collaboration with a member of A$AP Mob. Secret’s out…you can hear the new (and arguably most provocative) tune yet “The 27th”, and get caught up with AbdeCaf on how he got in with one of hip-hop’s hottest crews and insight on his evolving sound.

VIBE: How did this collaboration come about?
AbdeCaf: I was in the studio with A$AP Lotto working on his mixtape, he’s one of A$AP’s members, and Your Majesty, and he surprised me by bringing along A$AP P and I was just blown away. And he’s a beast. We all loved it and just jumped on it. P did the drums and girl-talk samples, and I did everything else. We’re looking to add Lotto’s verse as a final touch to the track.

Do you see more hip-hop collaborations in the future?
Yeah, I mean hopefully I can get more people involved from that spectrum of music, because I love hip-hop. It just feels natural to work with a rapper, and rappers period, that I respect. To be in the company of A$AP Mob was great.

What do you think A$AP Mob brings to hip-hop?
I see them as a breath of fresh air. There’s an element of youth to their madness. I’ve met Rocky. They’re just a really good collective whether it be in music, fashion. I feel like they’re the future of music. Like, some of the co-signs they’ve gotten is crazy for only having been in the game for this short amount of time, as far as in the public eye. Lotto’s my fave Miami rapper, and his work just blows everyone away.

Tell us some more about the new music you’ve been working on.
I’m definitely going for versatility. As far as the EPs go, I’m in the realm of rounding off my trilogy, so progress is being made on the last EP. As far as the next album, I kind of want a more…again, there will be a variation, but I am tackling on getting in on the darker side of things, like having a kind of Weeknd vibe. I’m also super influenced by Kanye West. He may be one the biggest to me as an artist. Everything is kind of ahead of me, and I’m just in the stride of it. There have been days and days of working on a set of songs. For producers, it will be namely Lotto. There’s also a remix EP in the works as well that I’m excited about and will feature Vass, Koda, Glam Shell, and Vancington to shout-out a few. From the album to the EPs, it won’t be the same production as what I released when I first came out.

You can definitely hear, or better yet, feel that direction of the darker beats on “The 27th”.
Exactly! A lot of what’s being worked on, we’re trying to push into the future, but still not trying to dictate it either. I want it to be a natural progress.

We were able to catch up briefly at Electric Zoo last year after your set! How was it performing at such festivals?
It felt good! Since that September, I’ve done a few more festivities and they were just eye-opening, and awe-inspiring because it gave me a taste of what I want to become in my career. I would like to headline one day.

Any last words from AbdeCaf on what we can expect?
People should know that Lotto is coming hard! It’s going to be amazing to hear. I feel lucky that we’re friends and I’m looking forward to our work together.