Exclusive Download: Get Em ‘Baphomet’s Castle’ (Trap)


This is some really grimy trap rave. It’s not as polished as a lot of the stuff you’ll hear at the festies, but it still goes hard. Northeast Philly’s Get Em got into production at 14 when his cousin, 2 Live, downloaded FL Studio. He’d been playing with pianos and keyboards, so it was the next logical step to start make beats. Although he started with rap instrumentals, he quickly got into Philly Club – a faster cousin to Jersey Club – since that’s what they played at the parties he went to around that time. Get Em has stuck with electronic music ever since, as he’s not a fan of most lyrics lately and prefers instrumental music. He continues working with 2 Live, as well as locals Swizzymack and Sir Phresh, but he also lists artists like Skrillex and deadmau5 as inspiration.

It’s Get Em’s 20th birthday today, and he’s offering you all a gift instead of asking for one with this exclusive free download of “Baphomet’s Castle”. Give him a present anyway and follow the homie on Twitter and Instagram.