E.Z.Mo Breezy Talk Grits & Biscuits, Best Experiences, Upcoming Events & More


When people usually say grits and biscuits, your mind automatically pictures a great, big bowl of your grandmother’s famous grits with some cheese on top and a biscuit on the side. But if you live in New York City, grits and biscuits has a completely different meaning to it.

Grits and Biscuits, one of the hottest — and we mean that in the literal sense — events in New York City has become one of the main reasons people come from all different cities to NYC. G&B is a six hour event full of fans waving in the air, girls twerking it and guys checking to see which chick can drop it lower all the while a set of dirty, down south music is blaring through the speakers. If you ever get the chance to attend a Grits and Biscuits event, be prepared because you will break a sweat, you will break night and you might just break a heel. Check out some of the photos from the Grits and Biscuits event that took place last weekend and what E.Z.Mo Breezy, the group that put the event together, had to say about it!